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This is a free first person game template for the Godot Engine. It contains a fully customizable player move set, working settings and UI, keybinding functionality and basic elements such as doors, levers, buttons, etc.

This project can also be downloaded as a Godot project file, where you can dive into the code, with fully commented lines for easy learning of how every bit and piece works in the game.

This is also completely free! Feel free to use the assets, code, and sound effects used in this game (special thanks to Kenney for the assets) for your own and get started with working on your FPS game in Godot!

If you are a fellow developer, the project is also up on GitHub to submit issues and possibly help with contributing to the code itself <3


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Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, fps-platformer, Godot, godot-engine, Project template
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Godot FPS Template 1.2.zip 30 MB
First Person Template (Project 1.4).zip 17 MB

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Very cool to share something like this! Your Youtube video in the screenshots on the right-hand side is private FYI






looks good but the sensitivity is weird

i changed it but the stronger i moved my mouse the less the cam moved

(1 edit) (+3)

this is really great, is it on the asset library?


I haven't come around to add it.


Man I Really Like it!
Can You Send me your paypal to support you tho?


I put a paypal.me link if you would like to support me on my profile. Thank you so much for your support <3

شو عم تعمل هون يسطا 😂


Hey, this is really cool. A few questions for you about this template.

1. Is this using signals?
2. What is the license for this template?
3. Will this work with Godot 4? 


1. They do use signals.

2. Planned it to be CC0 like Kenney's assets, where the models and code is all free for use.

3. I haven't tested it for Godot 4.


With the project .zip, you don’t need the .import/ directory, it pretty much halves the size of the .zip file. You may also want to consider renaming the Deprecated/ directory, or at least only have things in there that are genuinely not used by the template.


Thank you for your feedback, I have now cleaned the project file further to make the project file smaller.


Please let me tip.


You are too kind, but I have now enabled it. Thank you for your support <3